Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Do you make your own bread?

I was interested to read this article about the environmental benefits of making your own bread, with a breadmaker. These include the use of bulk materials and less travel and packaging. Further, it is alleged that a bread machine can do doughs, artisan breads, gluten-free loafs, and even jams and chutneys.

In our house we're not big bread eaters. We struggle to finish a loaf in a week. So for us it would most likely not be cost effective. Further I'm not meant to eat wheat so we invariably buy some kind of organic, whole loaf anyway. But for a big family it may be the way to go, what do you think?

Are there other things you make from scratch rather than buy? A dear friend makes the most amazing jams and chutneys and I've featured the benefits of making your own shortbread and I also like to make scones. We'll also soon be subject to an influx of zucchinis which will nessitate some busy baking. I'd also like to try making tomato sauces for presents.


Amira said...

yum your bread looks good! My mum is hugely into making her own food at home, we usually make dense rye bread which is absolutely delicious when it's just made, all gooey and warm. We also like to make mango chutney from scratch, it's got way less added sugar and tastes simply divine, she also grows lots of veggies and herbs in the back garden, i think it's very cost effective and healthier (ie. no pesticides etc) anyway have a great day!

Theresa said...

We have a breadmaker, and I love it. You can buy gluten-free bread mixes, which would still have the environmental benefits of buying materials in bulk, etc. When we make a loaf we know we won't eat before it goes moldy, we slice it and freeze it right after it cools, so it's nice and fresh upon thawing.

The other thing I've found which is really cost effective to make myself is yogurt. As a vegan in Townsville, my choices in soy yogurt are limited to sugar-filled flavoured yogurts in single-serve plastic tubs. Now I can make yogurt from a litre of soymilk and a probiotic capsule.

Polka Dot Rabbit said...

yes,I've been thinking of making my own yogurt actually, it's a great idea that I'd filled in the back of my brain somewhere...(my things to do list could fit a filing cabinet hehe).

Anonymous said...