Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Three Recycled Storage Ideas

Storage is often a challenge when you rent. You might be renting a place like ours which has no living room, bathroom or bedroom cupboards. There's often just not enough places to put things. And if you're like us non-drivers, furniture shopping can involve a maxi-cab, begging a lift off a friedn or delivery service, all adding to the cots.

Here's a few novel ideas you can made from things around the home:

1) Fabric storage
As a crafty chick who loves all things vintage, retro. pre-loved or recycled my biggest challenge is keeping things in order.

After seeing a post on Craftster last year about different ways to store fabric I bought some of these

from Minotaur Comic book store

Basically they are firm cardboard rectangles a bit smaller than A4. Comic book collectors use them to sandwich comic books to protect them. I use them to store fabric by folding and wrapping the bits of fabric around them. This allows them to be stored standing up in a plastic box or book case so that all fabric is tidy and visable. Visable means I am more likely to make something with what I have rather than buy more.Makes such a difference!

Incidentally I appeciate this is not the tidiest picture, it was taken when I was storing the fabric in our bedroom before we got another book case (and the spare room back as a study/craft room!).

2) Storing pots and pans
This is great if you like the idea of hanging them, but can't exactly drill a hole in the ceiling:

You can get the instructions here

3)Storage bins

These are a definite on my list of things to make (I have plenty of fabric hehe). You can see the instructions by J Carolyn Creative here


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