Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas shortbread!

I recently had to come up with a cheap gift (under $5 per person) for a large group of international students. I was reluctant to purchase some cheap, imported tacky Australiana as suggested by my colleagues, and decided to make shortbread:

Shortbread recipe: ( I doubled this recipe)

225g plain flour
Pinch of salt
115g rice flour
115g castor sugar
225 g butter

- Sieve flour, rice flour and sugar into a bolw.
- Rub in butter and knead until a smooth paste forms
- Turn onto a floured board and make desired shape of biscuits. Prick biscuits with a fork
- Place on greased baking tray and cook in slow oven for 45 - 60mins, until pale brown.

McKenzie's Rice Flour Gluten Free 375g $1.38
Caster Sugar500g $0.97
Plain Flour 1kg $1.04
Butter 500g $2.61
Tinsel $1.48
Brown Paper $2.61
TOTAL: $10.09

Bargain!!! Of course, I could've used organic materials which would have been greener....

Wrapped and waiting: In front of the tree waiting for Santa:

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