Monday, December 22, 2008

Green hangover cures

Treehugger has provided a list of their fave hangover cures, which include yoga, coconut water, wheat grass and playing in the snow. Seriously, the former would cause my hungover head to explode and the latter has never been attempted in adult life....

Cate's tips to avoid hangover hell...
1.Lots of water.
Lots. Inbetween drinks, before you go to sleep, when you wake up, during the day.

2. Sleep.
Lots. If you live in Australia like us, no doubt you'll wake up to a roasting hot house. Not very conducive to good sleeping. You could try sleeping in the bath (recycle the water on your plants), a dull cinema movie or of course, a local library.

3. Toast with vegemite.
Add some avocado and if you're not vegetarian, maybe some free range bacon. Hot chips never hurt either. Yes, I know Vegemite is owned by evil Kraft, but I don'y like promite, marmite or any of the imitators. Sorry.
4. Pain killers.
`Yes, I know you don't take pain killers, but you could wash them down with some organic juice.


1. Organic wine

Many people swear organic wines mean less headaches and kinder, gentler hangovers. And if you are sensitive to sulphur, you can get organic sulphur free wine to boot. You can also get organic beer of course, and homebrew has it's place, though it may be stronger in alcoholic content than store bought beverages.
2. Food:
Serve food at your parties. Make sure you eat. Not just chips, they'll make you thirsty and you'll drink more. Things on sticks, turkish bread, dips, cheeses all have a part to play.
3. Non-alcoholic beverages:
Mocktails are great and you can find some particularly yummy ones here. Be wary of milky, creamy drinks if you're also having a bit of alcohol.

You can also plan something special for the day after to give you an incentive not to drink, count your drinks etc etc. It's all about choices really, isn't it?

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great tips, though ive never tried vegemite...