Monday, December 8, 2008

Save water in your property : Grey Water

Here's the second installment of a few tips on how to save water in your rental property, adapted from a Yarra Water leaflet, but picking out the highlights relating to renters...

This time, the best ways to utilise greywater.
  • Greywater is waste water from showers, baths, spas, hand basins, washing machines, dishwashers and basically water used by another process that's left over, which is generally most of it!
  • Buckets are the most basic and easiest method of collecting gray water :
    • Either a bucket in the shower
    • A bucket in the sink when washing vegetables
    • Scooping out water from the hand basin
  • Waste water from washing machines can also be collected into a bucket, or if you use a simple long pipe or diversion system it can be sent straight onto the lawn.
There are however, some considerations when using greywater...
  • Don't use water from the kitchen sink, it can contain fats and left over cleaning agents, unless of course you are sure the water is fine.
  • Apply grey water directly to the base of plants, it can help reduce the survival rate of microbes.
  • Always wash your hands after watering with grey water
  • Use grey water within 24 hours of collection
  • Don't use grey water on sickly looking plants
  • Unfortunately you can't really use grey water on vegetables
  • Try using grey water friendly detergents and cleaning agents to get the most garden friendly water you possibly can
  • Don't apply more grey water than needed, i.e. after rain.
We're aware that not every one in rented property has a garden and we've concocted a few ideas of other things to do with grey water, but we haven't had the chance to test them yet though, so watch this space...!

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